Top TIPS to HIRE the RIGHT staff and how to KEEP them.

  • Write a clear job description and include measurable KPI’s
  • Ask the “right” questions during the interview
  • Include questions around “culture” to gauge a fit with company values and existing culture
  • Ask for clear examples of work using an open-ended question style
  • Introduce preferred candidates to existing team members prior to offer being made. This gives you a preview of the team dynamics and allows you to identify any potential red flags prior to an offer being made
  • During reference checks ask questions around cultural fit (ie. How would candidate x  perform in xyz cultural environment)
  • If you are hiring a manager, ask to speak with someone they have managed before as a referee. Ask specific questions around their management style, communication, how they handle stress etc
  • Have a clear induction/on boarding process
  • Train, train and train some more – don’t assume that new staff will automatically know what the company processes and procedures are
  • Create a 30/60/90 plan  – what do you want the new hire to achieve in the first three months
  • Have a daily check in for the first week and then move to 3 times weekly followed by twice weekly then followed by weekly check-ins
  • Keep track of important dates (ie probation date and 30, 60 and 90 day check ins)
  • Do not micromanage – give your staff members the room they need to succeed in their roles and empower them to actually “own” their rules
  • Introduce a rewards and recognition scheme based on what’s important to your team. Ideas include: condensed work weeks, wellness days (ie once a quarter), salary sacrificing and or bonus schemes.
  • Celebrate wins and learn from losses as a team
  • Support professional development both for professional and personal interests
  • Keep a skills matrix on your staff – look for opportunities for staff to take on “projects” based on their passions or areas of expertise not currently utilised. Look within rather than outsource to external consultants

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