People Review & Recruitment

Do you have the right people working in your business?

Finding the right people for your business can be challenging. Let’s work together to ensure you find the best possible staff using suitable tools and resources. Including:

Crafting your employee value proposition

How to find the right candidate for your business culture

Questions to ask in an interview

Questions not to ask in an interview

How to create comprehensive onboarding and induction programs

How to create a fair reward & recognition scheme

How to manage poor performance

How to conduct excellent performance reviews

Small workshops for people managers on topics that are relevant to leading a team today:

How to be better managers

Building motivated and high-performing teams

Creating a better organisational culture How to manage change

Research projects – on topics that you require that will assist you to make changes in your business.

If you have a project that is a little unique and doesn’t fall into the services listed above, contact me! I will do my best to assist you.

Projects will be charged at an affordable rate.

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