How to be an Employer of Choice

Do you want to be an Employer of Choice? Below are the top tips on how to become one.

  • Have an enticing Employee Value Proposition on your website and socials – why are you great to work for?
  • Have a clear stance on Environmental, Social and Governance issues – it’s not just for the “big companies”
  • Create company values that are meaningful to you personally (based on Trust, Respect, Empathy and Accountability) and roll them out to the staff as a standard “this is how we operate”.
  • Create and maintain a culture that is based on kindness, collaboration and transparency.
  • Have a clear stance on important workplace issues (i.e. zero tolerance on bullying, supporting wellness and OH&S, etc)
  • Introduce a strong onboarding process, including a comprehensive training program with a 30,60 and 90-day plan and a buddy system.
  • Be prepared to offer flexibility, the old 9-5 model doesn’t work for everyone anymore.
  • Ensure staff KPIs are clear, fair and measurable.
  • Give clear feedback and embrace coaching as a form of employee development
  • Reward and recognition – bonuses, regular pay increases and salary sacrifice options. And, importantly, if you make promises, keep them!
  • Open communication – regular meetings, progress reports and transparency over decision making. Transparency is important so staff understands where the business is headed and why.
  • Include staff in new hire decisions where possible “invite all prospective employees in to meet the team” as a ‘meet and greet’ and allow current employees to give their opinion.
  • Celebrate wins and learn from losses as a team.
  • Celebrate birthdays, big wins and incorporate fun activities (casual Fridays, drinks, or activities that are meaningful to staff).
  • Do not micromanage – support staff to feel empowered to do their jobs without the boss looking over their shoulder.
  • It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Especially when you are giving feedback or making staff announcements.
  • Lead by example – if you live the values of the company, employees will too.
  • Support professional development for your staff to enhance their skills.
  • Send out staff satisfaction surveys and remember to use the feedback to make change if possible. (i.e. don’t ask for opinions if you have no intension of using that information to create positive change).
  • Offer career advancement opportunities so staff know you want to “invest in their career”

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