How Long Is Too Long?

How Long Is Too Long To Stay With The Same Employer? When is it time to go?


Maybe 5 years is too long, maybe it’s 15. Everyone will have a different answer depending on their role, the company they work for and the opportunities they’ve had during their employment. For the millennials, the tenure will be far shorter, probably more like 16 months (yes, you read that right).

It’s an age-old question though, how long is too long to stay with one company?   There are signs to look out for when trying to answer that question for yourself. These could include:

  • Are you so efficient at doing your job that you’ve got the capacity to do more, but don’t?
  • Are you no longer challenged or learning?
  • Are you stuck in your role with no opportunity for promotion or room to grow?
  • Do you procrastinate to get tasks done and are bored?
  • Are you finding it difficult to engage with projects and team members?
  • Do you find yourself resisting the ideas of new staff members and saying things like “this is the way we’ve always done it”?
  • Are you being negative about your role or the business in general?
  • Are you seeing the same results in your performance reviews?
  • Do you believe that you’re in a career slump?
  • Are you earning a great salary and worried you won’t get the same or more with a different employer?

The key is to find the perfect balance of not looking out-of-date and too comfortable to a new employer while living up to your fullest potential with your current employer.

That said, only you know the answers to the questions above. But, if you are answering many of the questions above with a “yes”, then maybe it’s time to dust off your resume, update it and start looking for something new.

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