Successful Coaching and Mentoring – your solution to building confidence, capability, and achieving goals for yourself and your people managers.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling to make decisions?

Sometimes coaching or mentoring can help get you back on track and implement positive changes in your business.

Personalised and confidential coaching or mentoring for business owners, managers and staff has the ability to empower, support, and drive performance.

Being a small business owner or manager can be quite daunting and isolating as everyone looks to you for answers. Having a coach or mentor to validate your thinking or give you ideas and insights to look at business issues differently can be a great help. Additionally, it can be helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off and give you advice on challenging issues.

For staff, however, having a coach or mentor can give them the confidence to change their thinking. It can also empower them to tackle challenging projects and ultimately improve their performance.

Coaching sessions are designed to empower you to think differently and tackle issues. However, Mentoring sessions are more collaborative in nature and focus on ideas sharing to help build your confidence and take action.

Sessions can be run 1:1. However, small group sessions can also be arranged.

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I have worked with Barbara for many years and have found her to be calm under pressure, incredibly well organised and professional, insightful, understanding of the bigger picture issues in organisations and situations, and an excellent people manager. Her superpower is understanding and maintaining relationships with others. I can highly recommend Barbara to anyone fortunate enough to work with her.” Petris Lapis, Presenter and Author.